2019 Balances at GOOD Party

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GOOD Party Chairman Meral Aksener made an interesting move in the 1st Extraordinary General Assembly on the previous day and made the MHP-center balance at the party by increasing the number of members in the General Administration Board (GIK). It was important that the effective name of the politicians such as MHP’s former General Secretary Cihan Pacaci and former Saadet and AK Party member Mukadder Basegmez has entered the list. It is also recorded that Aksener will create this balance in the new Presidency Council.

The main criticism to the GOOD Party was that the former MHP members were predominantly in government. Aksener increased the number of GİK members of the party instead of removing the former MHP members from the list with the regulation change. The number of GIK members has been raised from 60 to 80, and MHP members are also included in the list. While 26 new names has entered in the list, eight members were not included in this structure.


Meral Aksener, will also observe the balance established in the GIK in the Presidency Council which is the core management staff of the party. It is expected that Aksener would increase the number of members of the 12 Presidency Divisions to 15, and it is spoken that while the vice presidents would be the names such as Cihan Pacaci, Ismail Koncuk, Mukadder Basegmez and former ANAP deputy Ahad Andican.


OLD MHP Secretary General Cihan Pacaci, Turkey Kamu-Sen Chairman Ismail Koncuk, former AK Party member Rumeli Balkanic Associations Federation Chairman Ayhan Bolukbasi, Turkish Buro-Sen General Chairman Fahrettin Yokus, former AK Party member Mukadder Basegmez, former Religious Foundation of Turkey Women’s Branch President Ayse Sucu was the salient names that are entered the new GIK. Other names in the new GIK are Ali Coskun, Sibel Yanikoglu, Behic Celik, Berat Yilmazel, Berna Sukas, Emine Kuçukali, Fulya Yasemin, Hayati Arkas, Kemal Nizipoglu, M. Okan Oguz, Saltuk Bugra Kavuncu, Meral Alemdar, Naci Cinisli , Aspay Sener, Oktay Ercakar, Resat Erdogan, Sinan Sozen, Umit Dikbayir, Vedat Bayram and Yener Yildirim.


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